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Vito’s Having a Bad Week: Let Us Count the Ways

Vito Fossella

Is it us, or has Vito suddenly gone from being a kind
of hot guy to being the jock who used to be hot
in high school but is now kind of sadly busted?Photo: Getty Images

If a politician with foibles has managed to last in public office for a few years without getting busted, it’s amazing the kinds of shady doings they can rack up. It makes it especially fun when they get caught, and everything comes out at once (plus the nasty repercussions). Today, for example, the tabloid press uncovers even more bad news for Vito Fossella — as if the whole “secret second family uncovered by a drunk-driving arrest” thing wasn’t trouble enough. Here’s what’s new:

• He took a shady trip to France that may have been a publicly financed love romp! [NYDN]
• Nobody will pay for him to run again! [NYDN]
• Neither of his families wanted him around for Mother’s Day! [NYP]
• He was never nice to his gay sister because of his “family values” stance! [NYDN]
• He could have maybe survived the second family thing (it’s been done before), but not after the drunk-driving thing! [Newsday]
• And just about everyone is calling for him to resign. Today! [SI Advance]

We can almost imagine, somewhere out there, Eliot Spitzer is saying to himself, “Man, at least I’m not that guy.”

On second thought, nah.

Vito’s Having a Bad Week: Let Us Count the Ways