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Vito’s Wife Speaks!

Vito and wife

Photo: Getty ImagesVito and Mary Pat in happier times.

Mary Pat Fossella has issued a statement for the first time since her husband, Staten Island congressman Vito Fossella, was arrested for drunk driving, which led to revelations that he’d had an affair, and oh yeah, also an entire secret family. In an e-mail to the Post yesterday, the latest inductee into the Wives of Fumbling Political Adulterers Club said the usual things about worlds unraveling and that she had “no idea” her husband was living a double life. It’s all very restrained, which is probably why she chose e-mail for the occasion, but you can kind of feel the rage quaking underneath. “I have known Vito since I was 16 years old, this is not what I envisioned for him and my family,” she wrote. See? We just wish we could see the previous drafts, which are probably all full of sarcastic cracks about how “Eddie Munster called, he wants his hair back.”


Vito’s Wife Speaks!