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Weiner Finally Opens Up About Huma


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We’ve known about the relationship between Representative Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s “body woman” Huma Abedin since back in January, and we’ve been tittering about it ever since. But it’s taken until now for Weiner to openly acknowledge the pairing. And when he finally did, he didn’t have much to say about it. The Daily News editorial board cornered him about it yesterday during a meeting (in which we imagine they were supposed to be talking about his mayoral ambitions and public policy), and New York’s Ninth District rep did his best to fend them off. “I’d like to talk about it as little additionally as possible,” Weiner said. But the crack editorial board persisted and asked him about his previous flings with ABC’s Gigi Stone and “cybermodel” Alli Joseph. (They have a helpful photo gallery online!) “Soon there will be pictures of me emerging from behind a tree,” he said, making a joke that we don’t completely understand. Weiner hasn’t talked to Hillary about the relationship, but he says he’s “certain that the relationship was not the product of a political calculation.” “Given how hard I’ve worked for Hillary, I think I might be ambassador to [Saudi] Arabia in the Obama administration,” he added. Um, Ant? Hill’s not out yet. Maybe leave the jokes to us from now on. We’ll just stick to making fun of your last name. Weiner. Heh. Always funny. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. OHHH! That’s what Huma said.

Rep. Anthony Weiner may kiss but won’t tell about Hillary Clinton aide [NYDN]
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Weiner Finally Opens Up About Huma