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Who Waits in Line 60 Hours for a Madonna Concert?


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Madonna performed with Justin Timberlake last night before a crowd of 2,200 at Roseland. According to the New York Times, people started lining up outside 60 hours before show time in hopes of receiving one of the 750 free admission wrist bands. Madonna gave them a shout-out during the concert by playing “Hung Up,” a song about being tired of waiting. “All you people I saw sleeping in the street last night, this song is for you,” she said. “Anybody who knows me knows how much I hate to wait.”

But then she only played for 30 minutes! That’s no way to reward people for sleeping outside for three days. So to thank them for their patience, we take a moment to honor some of the fans who showed up for the concert and let their freak flags fly.

Erica Gabriel, a 28-year-old makeup artist, waited through the night in line with friends. Once duly wrist-banded some time after 6 a.m., she returned home to prepare the elaborate, swooping hairstyle and “stewardess-Madonna-tricky-tranny look” that she sported early Wednesday evening — as she waited on line again to receive a second wristband. “Gays don’t camp out,” said one of Ms. Gabriel’s friends, as the group laughed, “but we’ll camp out for this.”

(Chris bristles at this comment because he’s gay and he camps but we suspect that’s only because he’s from Maine and there’s nothing else to do there.)

I had the time of my life tonight,” said Jeanrené St. Pierre, a fan club contest winner from Montreal who wore a “BOYTOY” necklace. “Of course it was worth it.”

We’re not really sure if Jeanrené is a boy or a girl. But we are sure it takes a special kind of person who can pull off a “BOYTOY” necklace. And last but not least…

I’m not fanatical,” said Walter Sharpe, 36, an interior designer from Brooklyn. “But I do collect Madonna magazine covers, and I’ve got maybe 170 of them.”

Noelle Hancock
For Madonna Fans, the Wait Is Worth It [NYT]

Who Waits in Line 60 Hours for a Madonna Concert?