Who Wore It Better: Chris Matthews or Uma Thurman?

Uma thurman Chris Matthews

Photos, clockwise from top left: Getty Images, INFPhoto, MSNBC, Getty Images

The “It” in the headline, of course, is the auburn-highlighted hair color that both Uma Thurman and Chris Matthews adopted this week. Uma’s was for her new movie, Motherhood, but we’re not quite sure why Matthew’s made the change from his normal frosty-blond locks. The MSNBC host’s light, flippy hair has sort of become his trademark over the years (that and a voice that hits your eardrum like a Q-tip that went a quarter-inch too far), so why the change now? Is he worried that he’s looking too much like Hillary Clinton these days? Anyway, what do you think? Who wore it better?

We say Chris. Ever since Uma went redhead for Batman & Robin, we’ve never been able to take her seriously. Sorry, her hair seriously.

Chris Matthews Debuts New Hairdo [HuffPo]

Who Wore It Better: Chris Matthews or Uma Thurman?