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After Fall, Mike Wallace Done With TV for Good

Mike Wallace

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60 Minutes host Mike Wallace, who has been recovering this spring from triple bypass surgery, had a scary fall recently in his New York apartment that scared doctors. He was hospitalized briefly for monitoring. But his son Chris says that he’s “doing really well” and plans “to be healthy enough to go up to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer.” Wallace retired from full-time work at 60 Minutes in 2006 but has still appeared semi-regularly on the program. Chris Wallace, a Fox News anchor, says that those appearances will end now that he’s 90 and taking special care of his health. Like any good son, Chris will visit his father over the summer, spending two weeks with him up in Massachusetts. “I said to him, in terms of rehab, ‘Don’t screw it up, because you’re going to wreck my vacation.’” Apparently he hasn’t gone through the portion of Fox News training where they tell you that you can’t make fun of old white grandparents; you have to pander to them and pretend nothing will ever change in the world.

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After Fall, Mike Wallace Done With TV for Good