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Ana Marie Cox Comes Full Circle at ‘Radar’

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• In the wake of five staffers leaving Radar, former Wonkette editor Ana Marie Cox is going to be one of the magazine’s contributing editors, where she’ll be doing an irreverent, “Radar-ish take on Washington.” Which would be kind of like…Wonkette? [NYO]

NBC is somewhere between $150 million and $300 million shy of its $1.1 billion ad-sales target for its Olympic broadcast. Meanwhile, the network’s Today in New York anchor Rob Morrison has packed his bags. (Perhaps some of his hefty salary can go towards the ad-sales deficit.) [NYP, NYO]

• In the wake of Marcus Brauchli’s departure, Wall Street Journal deputy managing editor Bill Grueskin leaves to become a dean at the Columbia Journalism School. [Press release]

• Could Lehman Brothers be facing a Bear Stearns–style meltdown? They might, if only because of the ever-swirling fear in the air. Yesterday, shares fell 4 percent. [NYP]
• One of the country’s biggest unions is leading a campaign against wealthy private-equity firms, saying that the buyout shops have exploited tax loopholes to generate massive amounts of wealth at others’ expense. “We think the buyout industry and the way it operates are systematic of what’s wrong in this economy,” one protestor said. “We want to make them responsible corporate citizens.” Good luck with that. [DealBook/NYT]
• CEOs Ken Thompson, Jimmy Cayne, Chuck Prince, and Stan O’Neal have already been axed. But have pity! Being a CEO is harder than you think. [WSJ]

• Goldman Sachs’ new, 43-story, $2.4 billion tower in lower Manhattan, which was supposed to make other firms green with envy, has had one problem after another. [WSJ]
• St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan says it will close if it can’t build a medical tower in Greenwich Village. The new $1.6 billion development plan involves demolishing several structures. [NYT]
• Richard Stadtmauer, developer Charles Kushner’s former associate, was convicted yesterday of conspiracy and assisting in the filing of false tax returns. [Newark Star-Ledger]

• Attorney general Andrew Cuomo could take on the case of former New York Stock Exchange top brass Dick Grasso and his $187.5 million compensation package. [NYP]
• Columbia law professor William Simon shames colleagues who sell their opinions for big bucks. [Fortune]
• Ten new law schools are in the works throughout the United States, with three proposed in New York alone. []

Ana Marie Cox Comes Full Circle at ‘Radar’