Anne Hathaway’s Humiliation Will Go On

Anne Hathaway

Photo: WireImage

Poor Anne Hathaway has an In Style interview coming out in which she gushes over home-shopping with arrested ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. Nightlife “impresario” Danny A is scheduled to trash up a bit of the new Plaza Hotel with his Rose Club. Nuns love Steven Tyler. No, really. Scott Sartiano and other owners of 1Oak nightclub, where a gay man was beat up last week, insist they were being nice when they made the victim take a Town Car, and not an ambulance, to the hospital. Meanwhile, Rod Stewart danced to his own songs (with Busta Rhymes) at Home nightclub.

Matthew McConaughey has inadvertently sparked the best battle ever — between paparazzi and surfers. There’s gonna be a beach showdown this Saturday! Minka Kelly says that while she was dating John Mayer, the singer didn’t “get this Jennifer Aniston thing.” Which is funny, because, you know, he later dumped Minka for Jen. Samantha Ronson has turned Lindsay Lohan into a regular snugglebunny. She doesn’t even show up drunk to work anymore! Michael Jordan made a kid do an incredibly sad thing outside Kobe Club in Miami. Janet Jackson is hoping her tour helps her album sales. Greg Norman and Chris Evert are getting married in the Bahamas. Some of Judge Judy’s Greenwich, Connecticut, neighbors are trying to make trouble for her. Don’t they know she serves justice with a side of sass? Anna Kournikova wants to intern with Tom Ford. Heather Locklear is seeking treatment for “psychological issues,” which for some reason “Page Six” calls “rehab.” Reese Witherspoon went to the prom with her dad, after her boyfriend stood her up. But Halle Berry was the queen of her prom. Dominick Dunne is going to get a documentary made about him.

Anne Hathaway’s Humiliation Will Go On