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Another Man Is Climbing the New York Times Building

The New York Times building was before today unclimbed.Photo: Getty Images

Seriously. Earlier this morning, an activist stuntman named Alain Robert climbed the Times building for global warming/buckets of attention, and now there’s another guy up there. This dude is wearing red pants, and he is holding on to the window in a way that does not suggest he has done this before. The Times City Room says he is “holding a sign or banner identifying his cause as malaria.” Oh. Well, we can see his point — no one has done anything nice for malaria lately.

UPDATE 1: City Room clarifies his outfit: “a light-green T-shirt that had the word ‘malaria’ on it; tight-fitting cargo pants; and black climbing shoes.”

UPDATE 2: Is he a perv?

He was staring me at me on the fourth floor,” said Kim Severson, a reporter for The Times’s Dining section, who was in the southwest corner of the building when she saw the man pass just a few feet away. “I caught his eyes for one second and he turned and started climbing. He was right by my boss’s desk. At first I thought, ‘Is he a window washer?’ But he had no equipment. He turned and climbed up, at a very rapid pace. He looked very focused.”
A malaria-lovin’ perv?

UPDATE 3: 6:23: Okay, this is cutting into our drinking time now. Times spokeswoman Cathy Mathis is similarly unamused: “The two climbers are jeopardizing their safety and the safety of others. We are deeply concerned about this situation.”

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Another Man Is Climbing the New York Times Building