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The Brinkley-Cook Divorce: A Status Update

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In case you missed it, model Christie Brinkley separated from her husband, ex-model and “architect” Peter Cook, last year after he had an affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi, who was working in his office. Last week, Brinkley went to court and requested that the their divorce trial, which starts next Tuesday, July 2, be public. Peter was a perv, she said, who trawled porn Websites, among other things, and he deserved to be exposed. On Friday, a judge ruled in her favor. So, with one week to the trial, what’s the status of the main players? How are they feeling? We break it down, with a little help from the papers, after the jump.

Peter Cook feels: Nervous.

According to a source of the Post’s, Cook “desperately” wants to “spare his kids the pain” of a public trial. Right, sure. Concern for his kids is probably also why, last year, Cook paid Diana Bianchi $300,000 to never, ever talk about their affair ever. Cook is also feeling like he would like Bianchi’s stepdad, ex–Southampton Village cop Brian Platt, to stay 100 feet away from him at all times.

Diana Bianchi feels: Grossed out, probably.

Bianchi feels, according to the Post, like “she should not be blamed for the breakup of a marriage.” She also feels that even though she took the $300,000, she will testify against Cook if compelled. Sorry! Laws and all that.

Suzanne Shaw feels: Oblivious?

Cook’s new girlfriend, a comparatively wizened 38-year old, tells the Post that Cook “obviously made one mistake, but that doesn’t erase years of being a good person.” Then again, Shaw was married to a celebrity dentist, Robert DiPilla, who, according to the Post, left her when she was six months pregnant. So she may not be exactly the best judge of character.

Christie Brinkley feels: Justified.

Brinkley feels that by ensuring that her divorce is a nascent media circus,”she has taken the high road,” according to, um, Fox News. That’s right. And she is PUMPED. Let’s roll!

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The Brinkley-Cook Divorce: A Status Update