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Brooklyn Man Mugs Catholic Teacher, Faces Extra-Special Damnation


Photo: Gothamist

Although we’re pretty sure people get mugged and punched in face all the time, it’s really special when you have it all on video — which is how a mugging in Marine Park went down yesterday. And the victim is a 62-year-old Catholic-school teacher, who by all accounts is the sweetest person in the world. The shocking security-camera footage shows the mugger surprising Patricia “very special teacher” McGowan at the gates of the Good Shepherd School and delivering a punch squarely in her face. She falls to the ground as he steals her purse and runs off. But really, the nerve of this guy: While McGowan was reporting the incident to the police, the Post reports, the mugger stole her car, then ditched it five blocks later — apparently he was not overly impressed with the handling abilities of a 2000 Toyota Corolla. The face in the video is kind of grainy, but you can help bring this villain to justice by keeping an eye out for the following suspicious characteristics in individuals: not very respectful to elders, possible boxing background, and prefers cars on the luxury side. And if the long arm of the law and diligent citizens can’t apprehend the fiend, worry not: He did happen to punch that Catholic-school teacher with a cross looming right in front of him. Dude’s got it coming, whether Johnny Law catches up with him or not. —Dan Amira

Unholy Punk Attack [NYP]

Brooklyn Man Mugs Catholic Teacher, Faces Extra-Special Damnation