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Bury Raffaello Follieri’s Heart in Capri

Happier Times

Hathaello in happier times.Photo: Getty Images

Say what you will about Raffaello Follieri: that he’s a fraud, a liar, a no-goodnik phony, a thief. But he was also a romantic and an Italian, and according to the Daily News, this weekend he planned to spend his 30th birthday in Capri, where he intended to woo Anne Hathaway back, according to the Post with a dinner of “locally caught seafood” and “pricey pasta” at celebrity favorite Villa Verde. Instead, of course, Follieri’s behind bars this weekend. Was he put there by the chubby hand of former investor Ron Burkle? Gawker feverishly posits yes, although Burkle’s friends deny it: “Ron wasn’t pushing for it,” a Burkle ally tells the Daily News. “He got his money back through his civil suit. He doesn’t like getting drawn into the public spotlight.” Sure, that sounds about right.

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Bury Raffaello Follieri’s Heart in Capri