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Catfight! Cindy Adams vs. Olivia Palermo

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Photo: Getty Images

Poor Cindy Adams. The Post columnist was apparently living a blissful, Olivia Palermo–free life until it was rudely interrupted by the Cut’s post about Olivia’s penchant for mixing and matching Salvation Army clothes with designer stuff, and now she is enraged:

SOMEONE named Olivia Palermo was reported somewhere saying some thing about somebody someplace. Also this Olivia Palermo, while pirouetting at the drop of a red-carpet camera, was quoted saying she loves vintage clothes. I want to know who the hell is this person who does nothing for a living yet gets considered a something?

Jesus, lady. Calm down! No one tell her about Tinsley Mortimer, okay? We don’t want to lose her.

Cindy Adam [NYP]

Catfight! Cindy Adams vs. Olivia Palermo