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More Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick Gay Rumors

EVIDENCE!!!!!Photo: Getty Images

So yesterday Perez Hilton cited a rumor that Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick were spotted kissing on the Gossip Girl set, and all gay hell broke loose on the Internet again. “These endless rumors are absolutely untrue,” Crawford’s harassed-sounding publicist told Us today. Yeah. Not to burst your Pride Week bubble or anything, boys, but Daily Intel met these guys, and let us tell you, as a gay and a seasoned fag hag, we’re practically like the Wonder Twins of Gaydar. If they were gay, we would know. We think it’s like they say: They’re roommates. Us also contacted JC Chasez, who was alleged to be Crawford’s gay lover back in March, and he too agreed. “But I’m happy for [Chace],” he said. “Because his show is doing great, and he is a great guy.” Okay, now that’s kind of gay.

ALSO: Yes we have seen this and we’re not sure we want to believe that it’s from the show. They’re going to get back together just like that? And why would Dan be in the Hamptons? What is he working as a caddy for Jill Zarin or something? Oh god that’s it isn’t it.

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