Chaunce Hayden Says He Talked About a Sex Tape, But He Didn’t TALK About It

Chaunce Hayden

Chaunce Hayden, tipster of doom.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Steppin’ Out columnist Chaunce Hayden reached out to us after news broke yesterday that he was being sued for $10 million by Lynsi Smigo, fiancée of radio host Gregg “Opie” Hughes. Hayden claims that he didn’t do much to spread the word about a (in the end, fictional) sex tape between Smigo and MTV star Bam Margera beyond alerting “Page Six” to the tip. “Neither myself or any other employee of Steppin’ Out magazine, published anything at anytime to suggest that Ms. Smigo was involved in a sex tape,” Hayden wrote in an official statement he helpfully sent along. “In fact, I went as far as to print that Ms. Smigo was not involved in a sex tape despite what Page Six of the New York Post suggested.” He said he told Bill Hoffman at “Page Six” that he hadn’t seen a tape, but he had heard the story. In April, “Page Six” ran with it anyway. In the lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, Smigo’s lawyers claim that Hayden did write a column about the sex tape, and that is part of their $10 million complaint. Chaunce forwarded us the article in question, and we’ve put it after the jump. All this “he said sex tape, she said sex tape” business is a little hard to follow, but it helps a little if you read the column. It’s kind of like listening to a radio D.J., but on paper.

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Chaunce Hayden Says He Talked About a Sex Tape, But He Didn’t TALK About It