Chuck Bass in Cab Car Crash!

Don’t worry, Ed Westwick is safe and sound.Photo: Getty Images

Outside Santos’ Party House last night, beautiful people smoked, Petra Nemcova (who was prepping for her birthday party downstairs at midnight) got admonished for carrying drinks out of doors, and some of us fretted: Where was Ed Westwick? The Gossip Girl star was supposed to have shown up an hour before to play with his band, the Filthy Youth, at a party in honor of artist Todd Diciurcio to benefit the Art Production and Happy Hearts Funds. His band members had been milling in the crowd for ages. But Westwick was completely MIA!

Then we overheard his business manager telling a small group, including Taylor Momsen, that Westwick had gotten in a cab accident. “Crashed on the way over. Fucked up,” read a text message from the actor. “No broken bones or guitars?” she wrote back. No reply.

Half an hour passed. We lapsed into morbid fantasy. What if he was injured or disfigured? They’d probably have to write it into the Gossip Girl script: Chuck Bass is humbled by his injuries and undergoes a personality change. He becomes a kinder person and apologizes to Blair who spends the rest of her life applying compresses to his injuries.

God, that would be so … boring. Well. At least since he’d texted, we knew he still had his arms.

Then we realized that Westwick, being British and all, probably just hadn’t adhered to the well-known New York rule of immediately running from a cab crash so your driver can yell at the other driver in peace and you won’t have to fill out a police report. We sighed in relief. Just then, a sketchy-looking white van with tinted windows pulled up and Westwick hopped out, looking every bit a rock star with his tight jeans and white T-shirt rolled up to reveal (intact) arms gleaming with sweat. He rushed inside and gave a big hug to Momsen, who’d been waiting most of the night. “I was in a car crash! A fucking car crash! Can you believe it?” Then he jumped onstage, introduced Diciurcio to the crowd, and sang his heart out. Not well, but damn do we admire his pluck. —Jada Yuan

Chuck Bass in Cab Car Crash!