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Crane Collapse Causes Building Delays

• The construction of several large Manhattan buildings will probably be delayed for days while city officials determine the safety of the tower cranes being used at those sites. Meanwhile, a criminal investigation is being pursued in last week’s Upper East Side crane collapse. [NYT]
• Rent at Starrett City in Brooklyn, one of the country’s most successful economically and racially mixed housing complexes, will stay affordable when the buildings are sold. [NYT]
• “If you have pulse, I can get you a mortgage.” Uh, not anymore. [NYT]

• Wachovia head honcho G. Kennedy Thompson is out the door. The bank’s board requested that he step down after making a series of missteps. [DealBook/NYT]
• Former Bear Stearns CEO Alan Schwartz, who was a heavy-hitting investment banker before assuming the chief position three months prior to the bank’s collapse, is having second thoughts about joining JPMorgan. [NYP]
• Former Credit Suisse investment banker Hafzi Muhammad Zubair Naseem
gets ten years in the slammer for insider trading .[NYT]

• “As committed as we are to covering American foreign policy,” says USA Today editor Ken Paulson, “we’re comparably — well, not comparably — we’re also deeply committed to covering ‘American Idol.’” [Ad Age]
• Former Vogue and Vanity Fair publisher Ron Galotti, who Sex and the City’s Mr. Big was modeled after, went to see the premiere of the movie. “It’s kind of eerie to see yourself in character,” he says. [WWD]
• Simon Dumenco wonders why bloggers are no longer media heroes. [Ad Age]

• General Electric’s longtime general counsel has written a book about managing the company’s 1,000 lawyers. []
• The issue of New York judges’ pay raises drags on. []
• Do women make better lawyers? [Legal Blog Watch]

Crane Collapse Causes Building Delays