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Did New York Kill Ruslana Korshunova?

KorshunovaPhoto: Getty Images

There are a lot of things about 20-year-old model Ruslana Korshunova’s suicide that are hard to fathom: why she was out with her ex-boyfriend until 4 a.m. when she lived with another guy, why she didn’t leave a note or any explanation, and — most obviously — what would ever have prompted her to kill herself. She wasn’t someone who lost a loved one or a job or was facing some imminent disgrace. She was a successful model. Today’s papers try to make sense of it by talking to her relatives and friends, who have no answers themselves, and about halfway through the Daily News story Korshunova’s ex-boyfriend offers this explanation:

She gave up on herself,” said Artem Perchenok, 24. “Everybody here can barely breathe.”

Dark. And also, maybe, uncomfortably resonant?

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Did New York Kill Ruslana Korshunova?