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Eliot Spitzer Pimps His New Vulture Fund

Eliot Spitzer

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On Eliot Spitzer’s 49th birthday, we get some conflicting reports about his well-being these days. Just as the Post reports that the “noose appears to be tightening” around the former governor’s neck, the Sun sheds more light on his future plans today. Citing federal law enforcement sources, “Page Six” claims that the case against Spitzer is so ironclad that they’re not considering making deals for anyone involved, even the Emperors Club pimps. But the impending trial isn’t stopping the Luv Gov from trying to drum up support for a so-called “vulture fund.” According to today’s Sun, in late May Spitzer assembled a group of powerful D.C.-based labor officials at the Manhattan office of his father’s real-estate firm (where he’s been working) and pitched them the idea of raising money to start “flipping” distressed real-estate assets. He’s hoping the union officials would consider investing some of their groups’ pensions with him — such vulture funds typically expect a roughly 20 percent return, according to the paper. It’s all part of his plan to revitalize his father’s real-estate company.

The former governor also talked a bit about what’s been going on with him personally since he left office. He shed some light:

During the meeting, Mr. Spitzer expressed relief that he was no longer burdened with the frustrations of being governor, according to the source. And, in contrast to his repentant resignation speech that he delivered beside his tearful wife, Silda Wall, he took a more relaxed view of his indiscretions.

Europeans have been especially supportive”? Well, that changes everything! Next you’ll tell us Charlie Sheen sent a fruit basket!

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Eliot Spitzer Pimps His New Vulture Fund