Exotic Clinton Getaway in East Hampton

hillary hamptons

It was just like this.Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

Now that the delusion-ing and conceding phase of Hillary Clinton’s career trajectory seems to have concluded, the Clintons could use a little rest (at least before she hits the road for the Awkward ‘08 campaign with Obama). And what’s more relaxing, more idyllic, more laid-back than those humble and quaint little seaside villages we call the Hamptons? Like Jackson Pollock finding solace in bucolic quiet of the Springs, last week the Clintons were rumored to have taken to Wiborg Beach and the beachside bungalow of billionaire backer Thomas H. Lee. Though the former First Family mostly stayed safely planted behind the hedgerows, East Hampton couldn’t help but feel their special stamp: The Secret Service lingered in a packed Rowdy Hall for a good half-hour before finally deciding to take Rowdy Burgers to go, Chelsea supposedly stopped into J.Crew and A Little of What You Fancy, and the Wiborg Beach area teamed with reporters.

Normally the Clintons stay at the Hamptons digs of her former national finance director Alan Patricof, but perhaps that’s a little too painful right now. He and her other top fund-raisers have been dutifully meeting with the Obama camp — and this was Hillary’s vacation, you know? Why think about work! We’re sure she adores Alan and all, but maybe that’s not the face she wants to look at while she’s idling in the Citarella line. —Leanne Shear

Exotic Clinton Getaway in East Hampton