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Fort Greene Is Too Cool for Us :(

Habana Outpost.Photo: Andrew Karcie

Fort Greene: Has it become “too cool”? When folks from the Upper West Side are visiting to go to Habana Outpost and the Hideout, maybe the question should be this: Is it no longer cool? Related: Daily Intel editor Jessica just found out her rent is going way, way up, and she’s probably going to have to move real soon. Which is definitely not cool. Goddamn that Cake Man Raven and the siren song of his delicious cake. [FortGreeneBK via Curbed]

Greenpoint: There was a party here to light up the huge, onion-dome-like sewage-treatment eggs that now dominate much of the G’point vista. And there was a cake with a picture of the sewage eggs on it. Yum! [Newyorkshitty]

Harlem: We seldom have anything nice to say about garbage. Then it just so happens that the soft rubber lid of a garbage can cushions the eighteen-foot fall of a toddler and saves her life. Maybe we should all think about garbage a little more respectfully, this story seems to be telling us. [NYP]

Williamsburg: Welcome to this really long piece comparing the hood to a college campus. If, say, you went to Antioch or Purchase or Oberlin or some place like that. [NYO]
Park Slope: Babeland, the trendy sex-toy store, has opened here on Bergen Street, but Slopie parents don’t seem to mind, because it won’t put vibrators in the window, will offer a changing table, will sell vegan lubricant, and will offer Slope moms postpartum sex-positive workshops. [NYDN]
Red Hook: The big Ikea that’s opening here June 18 has commandeered the land of the nearby former Revere Sugar Factory to absorb any overflow from its own 1,400-car parking lot. The store expects up to 17,000 visitors a day. [Brooklyn Paper]
Jamaica: Preservationists want to landmark a bunch of churches, banks, and other stuff here, but pastors from two of the targeted churches say “No, thanks” to the proposition…especially after a historian’s walking tour barged in on a first-Communion rehearsal. Those little kids could’ve choked on the wafers! [NYDN via Queenscrap]

Fort Greene Is Too Cool for Us :(