Hamptons Swag Estates: A Media Primer

Michelle Rodriguez Anand Jon

Actress Michelle Rodriguez getting nibbled by now-jailed accused serial-raping designer Anand Jon at the Stereo House two summers ago. Looks fun!Photo: Getty Images

Over the next few months, you’re going to start seeing items in “Page Six” and “Rush & Molloy” that include sentences like, “[Insert Hills star] was doing shots of [insert brand-name alcohol] at the [insert random luxury company] House in East Hampton.” That’s because nightclubs and liquor companies recently began renting giant mansions, branding them as “luxury estates,” and providing lodging to stars and press in order to get a brand in the papers. Here are five big houses you’ll be hearing a lot about this summer.

The Hennessy House: Water Mill.
What It Is: The summer estate of Dune nightclub owners Noah Tepperberg and Rich Thomas.
Sponsors: Bo Concept, Hennessy
Overnight Guests: In a rare show of modesty, the owners won’t name names. But Thomas used to be doorman at Tepperberg’s club Marquee, so expect pals like Nicky Hilton, Danny Masterson, and Bijou Phillips.
Special Features: An entire Bo Concept interior design and 2,500-square-foot master suite with private roof deck.
Item to Expect: “Rihanna and Chris Brown canoodling and sharing shots of Hennessy far away from prying paparazzi eyes during an exclusive dinner at the home of club kings Rich Thomas and Noah Tepperberg in the Hamptons.”

Wilmer Valderamma

Owner Mike Satsky and Wilmer, last summer.Photo: Getty Images

The Grey Goose Manor: East Hampton.

What It Is: Private estate with daytime pool parties, cabana dining, and spa services. Known as the Stereo House last summer.

Sponsors: Fiji Water, Cadillac, V1 Jets, Grey Goose.

Overnight Guests: Mandy Moore, Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, or Wilmer Valderrama.

Special Features: Custom bungalows, in-house catering, and sponsored flights to and from the Hamptons.

Item to Expect: “Lauren Conrad insisted upon being spritzed with only Fuji water as she reclined by the pool at the Grey Goose Manor in East Hampton before taking a ride to Lily Pond in her chauffeured Escalade.”

The Social Life Magazine House: Water Mill
What It Is: Social Life magazine editors Devorah Rose and Justin Mitchell rented out a three-story mansion for parties and private events.
Sponsors: The opening-weekend party had Peroni, Eight O’Clock Coffee, and PlumTV.
Overnight Guests: Whitney Port from The Hills, Kristian Laliberte. Maybe Chace Crawford!
Special Features: The chance to hang out with the stars of Social Heights, Rose’s reality show. Plus croquet.
Item to Expect: “Whitney Port, in a gossamer cream-colored Moschino gown, getting a late-night snack in the Hamptons at 7-Eleven early Sunday morning. The ‘Hills’ star picked up soy nuts and chips following her Social Life party in Water Mill.” Oh, wait. That one was already published.

Victoria's secret models

Yes, all of these models were here last summer.Photo: Getty Images

The “Estate”: Sag Harbor.

What It Is: Eight-acre estate (duh) owned by EMM Group’s Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbuam — the kids behind Tenjune will host art exhibits, fashion shows, concerts, and parties.

Sponsors: Décor by Pottery Barn.

Overnight Guests: Molly Sims (her birthday party will be there), and celebrity friends like Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Lindsay Lohan, and any young model you can name.

Special Features: Seven bedrooms, six fireplaces, oversize tennis courts, and an Olympic-size pool.

Item to Expect: “Lindsay Lohan stuck to Snapple Antioxidant Water this weekend, but she was still having enough fun to jump behind the D.J. booth at the poolside party at ‘The Estate,’ and insisted upon taking home the Pottery Barn faux-wicker birdcage in her bedroom when she left.”

Nick Lachey

Sigh.Photo: Getty Images

The Casa El San Juan: Water Mill.

What It Is: The San Juan Hotel and Casino in Puerto Rico has created a bed-and-breakfast-type Hamptons outpost.

Sponsors: Ron Bacardi Rum will have a tasting, and the San Juan’s nightclub and restaurants will ship in food and fun.

Overnight Guests: Nick Lachey is coming!

Special Features: iPod docks and cushy bathrobes.

Item to Expect:SPOTTED: Nick Lachey plugging his iPod into the bedside docking bay in his room at the Casa El San Juan and rocking out to ‘What’s Left of Me.’”

Hamptons Swag Estates: A Media Primer