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Heather Mills Is Moving to the West Village

These are the people in your neighborhood.Photo: Getty Images

East Village: Bearing eighties-ish “Die Yuppie Scum” posters, about 100 gentrification haters protested outside the new Bowery Wine Company Friday night, even though the wine bar’s owner says he donates food to a nearby shelter. [NYT via Curbed, Grub Street]

Downtown Brooklyn: Plans for the funky glass Enrique Norten library for the BAM Cultural District were scrapped, but now developer Two Trees wants Norten to do another project there, a residential-commercial job with some space set aside for artsy stuff. [Brownstoner]
Jackson Heights: This is the city’s parking-ticket capital, with more than 20,000 tickets written here so far. But tickets overall in the city are down 13 percent from last year. [NYDN via Streetsblog]

Kew Gardens: Men over 50, this is the place to come tomorrow if you want a prostate screening from Queens beep Helen Marshall, she of the always-innovated hairdos. Or at least this notice suggests as much. [Queens Crap]
Red Hook: In the wee, small hours of the dawn today, the first handful of folks showed up at Ikea, which opens Wednesday, to start what’s supposed to be the mother of all queues. Time was when people only did this kind of stuff if they thought it might cure their crippleness or that they’d see the Virgin’s face in a rock formation or something. [Racked]
West Village: Fed up with the London press, Paul McCartney ex Heather Mills just dropped $5 mil on one of the glass boxes in Richard Meier’s 173 Perry Street. [NYP]
Williamsburg: Oranges with (not very realistic, if you ask us) Obama effigies painted on them were sold at a crafts fair at the McCarren Park Pool. [Newyorkshitty]

Heather Mills Is Moving to the West Village