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Hillary and Barack to Begin Campaigning Together Next Week

Hillary and Obama

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We heard earlier this week that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were going to appear together next Thursday at a fund-raiser for Hillary’s donors in Washington, during which she would encourage them to give to Obama. Today, the Associated Press reports that the pair will officially begin campaigning together the next day, June 27. The Obama campaign announced the new development via e-mail but didn’t give much information. On Wednesday, the candidate himself said that he had “not had conversations with Senator Clinton because she has been getting a well-deserved vacation.” “We will be speaking I think in the next few days or certainly the next week,” he continued, “and will be having an ongoing conversation.” We’re not quite sure what it is that makes Thursday’s joint private appearance in front of ritzy donors not “campaigning” as opposed to whatever happens on Friday. Does it only count as “campaigning” if you do it around poor people?

Obama, Hillary Clinton to campaign together [AP]

Hillary and Barack to Begin Campaigning Together Next Week