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Imus Says He Was Defending ‘Pacman’ Jones, Critics Not Sure They Buy It

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Imus and Pacman.Photo: Getty Images

Don Imus probably won’t face disciplinary action over yesterday’s discussion about Adam “Pacman” Jones, according to higher-ups at Citadel Broadcasting Corp. Earlier today, on his show, Imus addressed the controversy. According to the radio host, he had asked “what color” Jones was when discussion his criminal record in order to point out that he was being “picked on” by police for being black. “What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason, and I mean there’s no reason to arrest this kid six times,” he said. “They shoot blacks for no reason.”

Of course, Al Sharpton (who was a leader of the crusade to get Imus fired from CBS radio over his “nappy-headed hos” comment in April 2007) didn’t buy this explanation and insisted the remarks were “disturbing.”

What many (including commenters on this site) perceived in Imus’s comments yesterday was not anything directly offensive, but the implication that Imus carries some basic and negative assumptions in his head about race. It’s a relevant topic and worthy of debate, and one we’d like to see continue. But a word to our commenters: As you discuss whether Imus broadcasts some sort of prejudice to his listeners, we won’t help you broadcast yours. Comments will be removed (as they were on yesterday’s post on this topic) for racist or hateful content.

Imus Says He’s Defending, Not Offending, ‘Pacman’ Jones [CNN]
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Imus Says He Was Defending ‘Pacman’ Jones, Critics Not Sure They Buy It