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Is Giving a Laxative-Laced Cake to a Teacher Funny or Not?

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We have to admit that when we saw that a handful of high-school seniors at the Brooklyn School for Global Studies in Cobble Hill served a Bundt cake studded with laxatives to a few of their favorite teachers, we totally snickered. We couldn’t help it. We had some mean teachers. And here’s the description of said cake:

People who were offered the cake assumed the red chunks inside the yellow filling were candy, but school officials say they were actually Dulcolax tablets.”

Snort. They didn’t even really try to disguise it! But not everyone, apparently, finds this humorous. The school is taking it very seriously: The kids, all decent students, were not just banned from graduation but arrested, and over at the Daily News site, the commenters are practically ready to hang ‘em all. That is, if military school and juvie don’t work out.

So it’s true that a few of teachers who ate the cake went to the hospital. They feared they’d been poisoned. “It tasted like someone sprayed hairspray in my mouth. I spit it out,” one teacher told the Daily News. “That’s when my lips and my tongue went numb.”

Okay, really? After one bite?

Look, it’s not that we wish teachers ill or anything — our mom is a teacher! — but it’s not like these kids were trying to poison anyone. They were just attempting to cause an administration-wide poop epidemic. And isn’t that … a little funny? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Is Giving a Laxative-Laced Cake to a Teacher Funny or Not?