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Is Hathaello Over?


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Last night Anne Hathaway appeared on Jay Leno’s show to promote her new film, Get Smart, and she looked completely lovely. She was thin, her nose looked good, her dress was youthful and refined, and her hair was both demure and sexy. In other words, something was up. Where was the giggling, goofy, gawky girl that we’ve come to know and love? It was as though the real-life Mia Thermopolis had been transformed into the princess of Genovia in front of our very eyes!

And this morning, we found out why. Though she did not discuss it on the air, it turns out she may have broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Italian financier and philanthropist Raffaello Follieri. The Daily Mail claims that Hathaway dumped the controversy-ridden Italian over the weekend. It was all the usual reasons: They fought, he was never around, he was constantly embroiled in legal and financial scandals that besmirched her good name. But the best part of the speculative coverage of the breakup is this pair of quotes from a source, regarding her Get Smart co-star Steve Carell:

Anne really wants to find a guy like Steve, and if he weren’t married, I have no doubt she would date him in a second.”

Just what are you implying, London Daily Mail? That Michael Scott is an inadvertent home wrecker? We’re not sure we like your tone. First you claim that one of our favorite couples has split up, and then you blame it on the nicest guy in Hollywood? We’ve called Hathaway’s reps to see if this is all true. We can only hope it’s not. With J-Vanka and Lydisco gone, we’re just not sure we can deal with the death of Hathaello, too.

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Is Hathaello Over?