Jennifer Lopez Only Buys Dresses Alone, for Half Off

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and her staff bossed people around and made a mess at Catharine Malandrino in Manhasset. Cynthia Nixon says she wasn’t at the doctor for a breast lift, as reported by the Post — she was getting a checkup with her oncologist. The actors performing in Central Park for Hair this summer will indeed be naked. Former lovers Adam Duritz and Mary-Louise Parker have been inseparable since she broke up with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. DJ A.M. doesn’t make any money now that he’s not dating starlets. Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, named her daughter Maddie after the Madeleine children’s-book series.

The parents of a New Jersey boy are in an awkward position because they gave $7,000 to charity for their son to meet David Beckham but he didn’t show up. Roger Stone was seen in a huddle with Kevin Sheekey and Joe Bruno. Real-estate broker Rachel Gavrieli flashes her boobs on an upcoming episode of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. Heather Mills may or may not go on the Celebrity Apprentice. Elizabeth Perkins of Weeds says they smoke “stunt weed” on the Showtime series. Paris Hilton and boyfriend Benji Madden ran into her ex Stavros Niachros while filming an episode of her new reality show. Sean Avery has been spotted looking more fashionable now that he works at Vogue. Abigail Breslin charms Cindy Adams.

Jennifer Lopez Only Buys Dresses Alone, for Half Off