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J.Lo Stops by Obama Headquarters


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Wouldn’t it be nice to be famous so you could just pop by your favorite presidential candidate’s office or shoot him an e-mail to ask where he stands on the issues that are dear to you? On the heels of Scarlett Johansson’s admission that she e-mails with Barack Obama comes the news that his staffers are taking meetings with Jennifer Lopez. Though the Illinois senator was away at the time, J.Lo met with his people as she toured Washington to talk about matters “close to her heart,” according to What could that be? you ask.

Ms. Lopez was on the Hill with her sister to meet with staff members of several senators to discuss issues she is interested in, such as health care and education,” Lopez’s rep says of the Tuesday meeting.
Obama’s spokesperson was quick to add, “She just came in for the meeting and departed. It was not campaign-related.” We miss those halcyon days when actresses were just actresses and singers sang about the issues that really mattered. Like the block. And the importance of getting loud. —Noelle Hancock

J.Lo Talks To Barack Obama’s Staff [People]

J.Lo Stops by Obama Headquarters