Kathy Griffin Has Not Learned Her Lesson About Child-Star Jokes

Kathy Griffin

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Kathy Griffin joked that Miley Cyrus would get a “down there virus” in her opening monologue at the Bravo A-List Awards. (Tila Tequila, Obama Girl, Jerry Springer, and Molly Sims were among those in attendance.) Gossip girls Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr danced onstage during M.I.A.’s performance at an MTV Awards after-party. (For some reason, Szohr was barefoot and had to be pulled off a speaker by security.) Michael Wolff and David Carr exchanged zingers at IWantMedia.com’s panel discussion on “The Future of Media.” Calvin Klein moved a party that was supposed to be at Heath Ledger’s apartment on Broome to Barolo because some Klein people thought it was in bad taste. Philip Seymour Hoffman bought a $4.4 million loft on Jane Street.

Lindsay Lohan almost didn’t get insurance for her new movie, Labor Pains, in which she fakes being pregnant so she doesn’t get fired at work. Ed McMahon, who was once worth more than $200 million, is in danger of losing his Beverly Hills home to foreclosure. Nicole Richie made a fan delete a photo of her dancing with Mary-Kate Olsen at an L.A. bar. Model Bar Refaeli is filming a Bravo special with Tommy Hilfiger. Gavin Rossdale says that being married to Gwen Stefani is like being married to three different people because “you never know who is going to come out of the bathroom.” Isaac Mizrahi now makes his own hair pomade because his favorite brand has been discontinued. Jane Fonda is looking for a man who is both “a great lover” and “an old soul,” but is not having any luck finding him. Melissa Joan Hart, now a mother of two, says she’d consider doing a Maxim spread again. Coolio has taken to doing private shows for wealthy Russian billionaires because they pay a lot of money. Heather Mills got snippy with guests at a party because no one would listen to her talk about animal rights. Christina Crawford is coming out with a 30th-anniversary edition of Mommie Dearest, the tell-all in which she trashed her mom, Joan Crawford, for being an abusive parent who beat her with a wire coat hanger. Cindy Adams says Hillary Clinton is planning on spending a month of recovery time in Martha’s Vineyard.

Kathy Griffin Has Not Learned Her Lesson About Child-Star Jokes