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Last-Minute Settlement in Seth Tobias Case

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In the months following the drowning of hedge-fund manager Seth Tobias in his Palm Beach swimming pool, the stories of what exactly happened that night in September turned wild and sordid: His brothers alleged that his wife, Filomena “Phyllis” Tobias, killed her husband for his rumored $25 million fortune. Filomena’s Internet psychic claimed that Seth was a cokehead who had frequent liaisons with male strippers and said that Filomena admitted to him that she had served her husband an Ambien-laced plate of pasta and coerced him into a pool with promises of sex with a male stripper called Tiger (so called because of the tiger-striped tattoos across his back) “We definitely had sex,” said Tiger, for his part. “He may have talked about me with Filomena during his drug binges. I may have been the only guy he’d ever been with. He may have thought I was his boyfriend. She may have gotten jealous.” At one point, another psychic called Madam Simbi M’Arue came forward and said Filomena had paid her to put a curse on Tobias.

It was, to say the least, an undignified end for the frequent CNBC commentator.

But for the rest of us, it was pretty entertaining. And the trial, which was due to start today, promised to be even more entertaining. Which is probably why this past weekend, Filomena, who was never actually charged with a crime, agreed to settle, giving Seth’s brothers an undisclosed chunk of his fortune—as long as they promised to take back all the mean things they’d said.

A full retraction,” was the way sister Nancy Antoloni described the settlement.

Though we certainly understand Filomena’s desire to make this whole thing go away, we’re not so sure this is the smartest idea: Labels like “drug-addled crazy alleged murderess” have a way of sticking, we hear.

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Last-Minute Settlement in Seth Tobias Case