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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker: Enablers?

Matthew Broderick

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Remember that “Intelligencer” item about Antonin Scalia bumming a cigarette from Sarah Jessica Parker? Most people read that and thought, “A conservative Supreme Court justice watches Sex and the City?” But we, of course, thought to ourselves, “Sarah Jessica Parker still smokes? She, the perfect mother who hates her nannies to be mentioned in news articles? The Greenwich Village icon who starred in a show about sex but refused to take her bra off during the act? No way!” But apparently it’s so — and the habit rubs off on her husband, Matthew Broderick, and even (gasp!) her 5-year-old son, James Wilkie. At the screening of Broderick’s new vice-filled film, Finding Amanda, where he plays a gamble-holic having an off-the-wagon weekend in Vegas, Ferris Bueller told us all about it. “I used to smoke cigarettes, and I still do, lately. I gave that up a long time ago, but every now and then I will fall off for a week.” And guess who’s fault that might be? Broderick says SJP is “worse than me on that.” And James Wilkie is “already curious. He’ll see a cigarette butt and say, ‘What is that? Why do people smoke?’ I can just see the little budding gene of a smoker in there.”

The whole family seems to be pretty laid-back about the whole addiction thing. According to longtime pal Nathan Lane, who showed up for the after-party at the Soho Grand. “If ever you wanted someone to have an intervention for you, it’s Matthew Broderick, because he’ll probably bring liquor.” Wow. We love the Broderick-Parkers! Who knew?

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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker: Enablers?