Michelle Williams Mistrusts Ledger’s Aussie Kin

Michelle Williams

Photo: Getty Images

Michelle Williams is worried that Heath Ledger’s parents will spend all of her late ex’s money before her daughter, Matilda, is old enough to inherit it. Winona Ryder has sold her Lexington Avenue apartment. Helena Christensen basically snarled at an ex-boyfriend’s new squeeze when she ran into the pair at Babbo. Larry King’s wife, Shawn King, has gone to rehab for painkiller addiction. If The Village Voice staff goes on strike, Michael Musto will get out his “entire summer wardrobe and put on quite a show” with them.

Naomi Campbell dropped out of a Rosa Cha swimwear show in São Paolo because of her legal troubles but was replaced by male model Rodrigo Rothen, who stripped naked on the runway and took a shower. Really. Steve Carell doesn’t like having his picture taken. Social somebodies Sandy Hill and Tom Dittmer are talking divorce. Also, one of them once climbed Mount Everest. Tom Hanks is still suing a contractor over work on his Sun Valley home. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were indeed molested as child stars, but surprisingly not by Michael Jackson. Kenneth Cole, Mario Cuomo, and David Dinkins all attended the funeral of Richard Halperin. Cindy Adams has noticed that all of the girls in the movie Kit Kittredge have funny names. Brooke Hogan is mad at her mother, Linda, for spreading false accusations about Brooke’s father, Hulk.

Michelle Williams Mistrusts Ledger’s Aussie Kin