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Did Paris Hilton’s PR Firm Give Lawyer the Tabloid Treatment?

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Intellectual-property lawyer Jeremy S. Pitcock was fired back in December from Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman for, the firm said, “extremely inappropriate personal conduct,” or, as they helpfully clarified in a press release sent out on the occasion of Pitcock’s getting a job at a new firm, sexual harassment. Pitcock soon lost said new job, and since then has had a little trouble finding another one. So he’s suing his former employer, along with the public-relations company that wrote the press release: Mike Sitrick’s Sitrick and Company, which has done damage control for such esteemed figures as Paris Hilton and Joe Francis. According to Pitcock, Sitrick made out like he flashed his vagina or something, when in reality all he did was drunkenly smooch an underling.

The kiss occurred in the associate’s apartment after they had been out drinking together with other firm staff at a bar near the firm. Pitcock and the associate both realized that they had made a mistake and had no further physical contact.

Pitcock is claiming he needs $90 million to fix his reputation. A response from Sitrick is, uh, “TK,” according to the Times.

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Did Paris Hilton’s PR Firm Give Lawyer the Tabloid Treatment?