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LOOK OUT, BITCHES: There’s a ‘Gossip Girl’ Casting Session This Weekend

The first thing we are going to do is push Jenny over that wall.Photo: Courtesy CW

It’s time. The moment we have been waiting for without even knowing we were waiting for it has finally arrived. It is time for us all to rise up as one and ascend to, well, Southampton, where this Saturday, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., the CW will be casting for Gossip Girl extras at Pink Elephant. According to the Guest of a Guest blog, the invitation* explicitly states that would-be Gossip girls and boys must be SAG members and must own a “wide variety of upscale wardrobe including, but not limited to, polished trendy, designer labels, elegant formalwear, single and double breasted suits in addition to tasteful shoes and accessories” (guess the hair-extensions have cut into wardrobe’s budget) and must be available to work June 19 to 24. We don’t know about you but two of those three things are not a problem for us. E-mail GossipGirlBG for more details, and e-mail if you know to make a fake SAG I.D.or how to lose 15 years in two days.

Gossip Girl Open Casting! [Guest of a Guest]

*And whatever scheming bitch blocked this in our e-mails (Coen) can just TRY to keep us away, okay? Because we will totally be there and you better not get too close because we might accidentally cut you, that’s how sharp the pleats in our skirt will be.

LOOK OUT, BITCHES: There’s a ‘Gossip Girl’ Casting Session This Weekend