‘Page Six’ to Anne Hathaway: You’re a Bad Dog Mom!

Anne Hathaway

Photo: WireImage

We’re kind of blown away by the way that “Page Six” today implies that Anne Hathaway is a bad pet owner because she hasn’t gone back to her ex’s apartment to pick up their chocolate lab. She should “step up” and go and get it, the column says, as though the servants at Follieri’s apartment that they describe in the same item can’t walk it. State GOP brass won’t give George Pataki a seat at the Republican National Convention. Ralph Fiennes just bought a place in the meatpacking district, making him just one more overhyped thing down there with an unpronounceable name. If you live in the Alma on West 21st Street, pastry chef Jacques Torres will put a chocolate on your pillow every night. Mary-Kate Olsen made everyone wait for her at this week’s premiere of The Wackness. Woody Allen is shooting his untitled “spring project” at Silvercup Studios. Heidi Klum takes three nannies when she goes shopping.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have picked a wedding date. We just don’t know what that date is. Clear Channel won’t let Harry Shearer advertise his new CD, Songs of the Bushmen, on their billboards because it has a mean picture of George Bush on it. Shockingly, Amy Winehouse’s apartment is a disgusting mess. The widow of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson doesn’t think his suicide was a courageous act, she thinks it was “the opposite.” Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton were cold to one another at a party for Nelson Mandela in London, probably because of the primary results. But Naomi Campbell showed up to the event, even though she was axed as a presenter over her whole airport assault problem. A photographer says Marilyn Monroe often didn’t wear “pants.” That’s British for “undies.”

‘Page Six’ to Anne Hathaway: You’re a Bad Dog Mom!