Questions for Spurned ‘Bachelorette’ Star Graham Bunn

Graham Bunn, still a Bachelor.Photo: Courtesy of ABC

We’ll admit it. We totally love ABC’s The Bachelorette. There’s just something about watching 25 guys bow down before a hot, assertive woman that stirs our inner feminist. And of the final four bachelors, one in particular, Graham Bunn, caught our attention — he’s a Manhattanite. Plus, he comes off as moody, prone to jealousy, commitment-phobic, and emotionally stunted, just like every guy we’ve dated in this town. How could you not root for him? Alas, Bachelorette DeAnna sent him home for his inability to talk about his feelings. Jada Yuan caught up with Graham to find out what happened the night he was dismissed, and whether he’s free now to date the rest of us.

Did you watch the episode where you got dismissed?
I watched it with a few friends and, um, it went as well as can be expected, you know. That was a difficult episode to choose to watch.

How’d you feel about your depiction?
Well, obviously I am depicted as a very closed-off person, which I don’t think is entirely true. But in that situation, yes, I thought it was very fair that they depicted me in that manner, because with DeAnna I was very closed off to her.

What did you think when she said she was falling in love with you?
Um, it was a little painful. I felt like I had hurt her, and that’s something that you never want to do with anyone, let alone someone who you spent the past few weeks with.

Were you falling for her?
I was not falling in love with her, no. But I did have strong feelings for her.

Then she started bawling in front of you. What went through your head?
I knew that it hurt at the moment, but that everything was going to be for the best.

Why did you go on the show in the first place?
You know, because it was an opportunity to meet a girl that had the backing of an entire network. And when you go out to meet people you go on referrals of friends and families. And if you know an entire network is going to base an entire multi-million-dollar show on someone, you would imagine that that person would just be an unbelievable person to have in your life.

Overall are you happy with how it came out?
I’m content with how it came out. I think a lot of my personality doesn’t shine through. And I am a little bit disappointed that the show cut all of that out and turned it into, “She was just unbelievably physically attracted to me.” I just think that’s a little demeaning.

What bars do you own?
Calico Jack’s and McFadden’s, on 42nd and Second. There are several investors and owners, and I own a small percentage, but it’s still pretty cool to have your name attached to it.

Do you meet girls in your bar?
No, no. Obviously you meet girls in your bar, but I try never to date anyone that I meet at the bar.

Where would you take a girl on a date in New York?
Freemans is my favorite restaurant in the city. For a first date it’s great. The food’s good, and the setting’s nice.

This text has been edited from an earlier version.

Questions for Spurned ‘Bachelorette’ Star Graham Bunn