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Raffaello Follieri Arrested!


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Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend, shady Italian developer Raffaello Follieri, has been arrested on wire-fraud-conspiracy and money-laundering charges. In the past year, Follieri made headlines after being sued byRon Burkle after trying to sucker Bill Clinton, being sued by his former public relations group, and bouncing a $215,000 check. According to the AP, now:

He is accused of falsely telling an investor that he had been appointed as the chief financial officer of the Vatican.

Oh, JESUS. Er, sorry. But really? That, like telling people you’ve been in the Olympics, is the kind of lie you’d think an adult would know better than to tell. Developing.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal uploaded the damning indictment:

After obtaining access to investment money, Follieri and others known and unknown misused the money for personal expenditures including but no limited to the following: food at expensive restaurants; expensive clothes, dog-walking services; an opulent apartment in New York, New York, overlooking Rockefeller Center with views of Central Park, medical expenses for Follieri, his girlfriend at the time, and his parents, personal vacations and flights on privately chartered airplanes to locations around the world.

Any dog walkers want to get in touch? It’s

Italian businessman Follieri arrested in NYC [AP]
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Raffaello Follieri Arrested!