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Christopher Durnford is
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We were feeling bad yesterday for Christopher Durnford, the York Academy principal who embellished his past to his family and students by saying he’d been an Olympic cycling champ and was subsequently busted by the Post. Durnford is, after all, basically a private citizen — does that mean we all need to live in fear that one day our little white lies will be exposed by tabloids? (Preemptive confession: Daily Intel did not really have a Canadian boyfriend in sixth grade.) Plus, Durnford removed the line about the Olympics from his bio on the school’s homepage, and we assumed he had learned an important lesson. But apparently not! Today’s paper informs us that what remains of his bio also misrepresents his education:

Other biographical information on the Web site that reads, “Degree: Columbia University,” was not changed — even though he hasn’t earned a degree from the school.
“That was never a claim that I’ve graduated from there — that’s just how we show that people have taken classes from there,” he said.

No, dude, no. “Degree” means that you earned a degree. Crikey. Didn’t they teach you that at Waterloo’s Wilfred Laurier University? Or did you not even go there? York Academy’s Nancy Drew might want to get on that.

Preppy Big: I Misspoke [NYP]

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