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Sexy Baghdad Correspondents Get It On in the Green Zone

Lara Logan Michael Ware

Logan and Ware.Photo: Getty Images, Wikipedia

Everybody knows when you are reporting from a war zone, it amps up your sex drive and tends to make you a little more outspoken. But who knew those things could also get you promoted? That’s what happened with Lara Logan, the sexy South African who graces the cover of the Post today. Logan is the CBS News Iraq correspondent who bashed her bosses on the Daily Show last week for preferring fluff over her ugly reports from Baghdad. Turns out that the National Enquirer dug up some dish from the Green Zone about her and a couple of other expats, and the Post and Daily News decided it was credible. According to the papers, while Lara prepared for divorce with her husband of ten years back in the states, she was having a fling with not one but two Americans in Iraq. The first was Joe Burkett, a married defense contractor. The second was Michael Ware, CNN’s war correspondent (you know him, the one whose nose is so sexily crooked that you can’t focus on anything else when he’s on camera?). The two were so smitten with Lara — come on, look at her! And she speaks four languages! — that they got in endless arguments over her, for hours at a time.

Baghdad: more boring than we suspected.

Anyway, the end result of all of this verbal vitriol and heterosexual humping is that Logan was promoted to chief foreign-affairs correspondent for CBS and moved back to Washington. This introduces a new Iraq exit strategy that we think Obama and McCain should consider. We can just sex our way out of there!


Sexy Baghdad Correspondents Get It On in the Green Zone