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Spin-Class Shouter Will Not Be Silenced

Stuart Sugarman spins no

You didn’t think that investment banker Stuart Sugarman would quietly accept defeat after fellow spin-class patron and stockbroker Christopher Carter was acquitted on charges of assaulting him, did you? That he would allow a jury to silence him, as Carter tried to when he chucked Sugarman’s bike against a wall during spin class, in order to stop the man from his so-called annoying grunting and shouting? No! Stuart Sugarman has made it clear that no one is going to shut him up, ever again. After last week’s verdict, Sugarman gave himself a resounding Booya! and took his lawsuit to the next level, by filing a civil suit against Carter in state court today. Why would Sugarman file a suit when there is no proof of Carter’s having injured him and several eyewitnesses refuted his story? Because he wants truth. Because he wants justice.

We have all seen how the high burden of proof in criminal cases has resulted in anomalies like the acquittal of O.J. Simpson,” Sugarman’s attorney Samuel Davis, of Teaneck, New Jersey, said in a telephone interview. “The civil case will clearly get to the truth on a more level playing ground.”

Oh, and because he and his lawyer are both batshit insane.

Stuart Sugarman, Victim of ‘Spin Rage,’ Sues Broker [Bloomberg]

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Spin-Class Shouter Will Not Be Silenced