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Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone 3G


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All the cool tech kids have been holding their breath for days for Steve Jobs’s keynote address during today’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. And they were not disappointed. The morning was spent with exploring a number of new features and products for the iPhone, including the capability of filing tips to the Associated Press, several advanced games, and the capability to stream baseball through According to Gizmodo, who are there live-blogging, Apple also introduced MobileMe, their expanded version of ActiveSync, a program that coordinates calendars, files, photos, and contacts between work networks, home computers, and iPhones (it will replace the .Mac feature). Then Jobs brought forth his latest baby: the 3G iPhone. Calling the original iPhone (launched nearly a year ago) “the phone that has changed phones forever,” he explained that they sold 6 million of them so far. The new version will have a full plastic back, camera, a flushed headphone jack, solid metal buttons, a three-and-a-half-inch screen, and a much faster download time. It will have a standby battery life of 300 hours and ten hours of talking time, which is an improvement over the last phone, and it will have GPS capability, so the phone will be able to locate itself via satellite. You’ll be able to see yourself driving down the street with it.

The best part? This new 3G iPhone will only cost $199 for the 8GB version, and the $16GB one will go for $299. It’s available on July 11. Ladies and Gentlegeeks, start your engines.

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Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone 3G