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Teens Used Craigslist and Empty Promises of iPhones in Robbery Ring


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Not to endorse robbery but the latest iPhones scam was kind of genius when you think about it. A group of Brooklyn teens were posting ads on Craigslist offering discounted iPhones and would then lure customers/victims to deserted areas around Flatbush, East Flatbush, and Flatlands. When the victims arrived, the guys robbed them at gunpoint.

The ruse was brilliant and this is why: The types of people who want iPhones aren’t the type of people who fight back. Think of everyone you know who owns iPhones. Admit it, of all your friends, they’re the ones least likely to be able defend themselves if shit went down. You couldn’t have pulled this kind of crap on a BlackBerry or Treo loyalist. They’re scrappier. iPhone fans, on the other hand, are touchy-feely types, with their multi-touch interfacing and their adorable, oversize icons. iPhone users like shiny things. They’re used to having everything done for them. Now! All at the same time!

The scam was busted Wednesday night, when cops set up a sting on a Flatlands street corner and arrested four suspects, who were later charged with robbery, weapons possession, and conspiracy to commit robbery (let’s see you horizontally scroll your way out of this one, robbers!). But take note iPhone fans: The next time someone tells you, “Meet me on a back street in East Flatbush with a large amount of unmarked bills!”, take a ‘berry or Treo user with you. They’re better equipped for these types of situations. Literally. Treos even come with their own mini jousting spear! —Noelle Hancock

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Teens Used Craigslist and Empty Promises of iPhones in Robbery Ring