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The Downfall of the SockObama Foretells the Downfall of America


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The makers of the cute, lovable, racist Sock Obama monkey doll will not go quietly into the night. Though the company that actually manufactured the dolls, Binkley Toys, has pulled out under the soul-crushing fury of the blogosphere, David and Elizabeth Lawson, the SockObama’s visionary creators, are looking for a new company to partner with. And in a letter run by the Salt Lake Tribune today, they want everyone to know that if America can’t handle the depiction of a black presidential candidate as a monkey, then we, as a country, are doomed.

Quoth the letter:

We at TheSockObama Co. have some questions to pose. What’s really going on in America? In the good ol’ fashion spirit of entrepreneurialism ; free enterprise has been censored, and TheSockObama politically plush toy has been discriminated against in the marketplace of the United States of America.

Let’s not get all hysterical here, Lawsons. No Censor Police raided the SockObama compound with tear-gas bombs and tanks, blasting yodeling music on loudspeakers to drive the SockObama-ites from their bunkers. Simply, a lot of people thought you had a shitty, offensive idea, and after hearing their complaints, the guy who was making the dolls chose not to continue. It may be hard to comprehend right now, as you struggle to pick up the pieces of your shattered, amazingly naïve dreams, but America will survive the end of the SockObama. —Dan Amira

Copy of letter released by Elizabeth Lawson regarding Obama puppet [Salt Lake Tribune]

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The Downfall of the SockObama Foretells the Downfall of America