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Happy-Hour Horror

Photo: Neel Shah

Last night, Flatiron restaurant-lounge Taj hosted Fashion Meets Finance, a happy-hour type of event that fashion-industry girls could attend to meet finance guys, presumably in hopes of meeting The One who would give them a nice big Harry Winston and a Central Park West co-op. Of course, that didn’t happen to anyone because that never happens at these events. Instead, the girls sat there loathing themselves while the guys yawned and scratched their balls like massive apes. Radar’s Neel Shah went bravely into the fray, where he saw and recorded scenes that would have made Weegee weep.


All the guys here work at places like JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch. They don’t have to worry about approaching people and getting rejected, ‘cause girls will always come up to them … I know that if I go to a club tonight, I can find a hot girl and take her home. It’s not a big deal.”

“I’m 23, you know? And it’s almost like I see no hope. I’m not ugly — do you think I’m ugly? I mean I’m not the most gorgeous girl around, but I’m definitely cute. Like, what the fuck? I seriously think I may have to move to the suburbs if I ever want to find a long-term relationship. It’s like you’re never skinny enough, or slutty enough, or hot enough for guys here. It’s such bullshit. They all want to fuck models. And then when they get bored of fucking one girl they move on to another one. Even the ones who have no shot in hell of fucking models delude themselves into thinking they’re eventually going to fuck models or whatever. The delusional model-fuckers are even worse than the actual model-fuckers … I’m 23, yeah, and of course that’s young. But you can never be too young here. I mean don’t get me wrong — I like to fuck and I have fun and party as much as anyone. But I have serious doubts about this city sometimes.”

There’s more on Radar’s Website. Go there at your own peril.

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Happy-Hour Horror