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The Long Arm of the Law Even Reaches Into Subway Bathrooms

One Jackson Square

Jackson Square: Look how

Ditmas Park: While cranes fall from the sky and kill people in Manhattan, in this corner of Brooklyn they just make the streets buckle under their weight and freeze traffic for three hours. No biggie! [Flatbush Pigeon]

Forest Hills: Can you believe cops here and in Kew Gardens busted guys messing around in the subway bathrooms by hiding in the bathroom closets? That’s not just shady, it’s, like, meta or symbolic or something. [Queens Crap]

Greenwich Village: We can’t believe that the grimy little circular park right below Eighth and 14th where we’ve had lunch amid junkies for fifteen years is actually getting all prettified in anticipation of the glassy, glossy One Jackson Square across the street. There’s not supposed to be actual greenery up in that joint! [Vanishing NY]

Marine Park: Guess who was caught copulating in the garbage-strewn surf at Dead Horse Bay a few Sundays ago? A whole mess of horseshoe crabs, duh! [Sense and the City]
Midtown: As part of a $500 million effort to restore the Empire State Building to its original thirties look, vintage-looking new burgundy uniforms were designed for the tower’s staff. But chevrons on sleeves? Kinda cheesy, don’cha think? [amNY]
South Slope: The super-sleek revamp of the decrepit Fourth Avenue F train station the MTA promised last year has been scaled back, from a budget of $250 mil to $187 mil. So maybe the elevated tracks won’t collapse, but it probably won’t look like some Scandinavian design breakthrough, either. [Brooklyn Paper]
Union Square: The protest yesterday against a Danny Meyer restaurant coming to Union Square Park took a strange revolutionary-era turn, complete with cutouts of the Founding Fathers and tri-corner hats aplenty. Reverb from the recent HBO John Adams series? [Flickr via Curbed]

The Long Arm of the Law Even Reaches Into Subway Bathrooms