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There WILL Be a ‘Gossip Girl’ Prom This Year

Connor Paolo and Girlfriend

They really are a cute couple. And she’s already
just the right color for prom!Photo: WireImage

At least for one of the show’s stars. When we ran into Gossip Girl’s Connor Paolo (Serena’s gay little brother) at last month’s Lucky magazine upfronts swag suite, the 17-year-old had just scored a heap of free jewelry for his girlfriend, April — who he’s been toting and kissing on the red carpet for the world to see. He had brought a photo of his girlfriend’s prom dress to pick out matching bling, so when we saw Paolo on the carpet at last night’s You Don’t Mess With the Zohan premiere, we asked him if he’d had his big night yet. “Friday the 13th,” he said. “I’m totally pumped.” We begged him for details until his eyes glazed over (we’re girls, deal with it). “I’ve washed my hands of the planning stages. I know when I’m supposed to show up, where pre-prom is and where we’re going afterwards, but that’s it. I don’t wanna know who’s coming because it gets nasty. So I’m just washing my hands of the whole event.” So was his girlfriend the mastermind behind the entire night? Even the running-on-the-beach-in-your-rented-tuxedos part? “The girl who’s hosting pre-prom is basically planning it.” So … Nelly Yuki? She seems like that type. —Mina Hochberg

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There WILL Be a ‘Gossip Girl’ Prom This Year