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Tricia Walsh-Smith: ‘I Will Cut Off Your Balls and Have Them for Breakfast’

Tricia Walsh Smith Philip Smith

The couple last year. Look at those eyes.Photo: Getty Images

First of all, ew, who would want to eat balls for breakfast?

YouTube hero Tricia Walsh-Smith took the stand yesterday in her divorce case against Shubert Group president Philip Smith and put on the kind of show we are used to seeing in her online videos. Tricia was the first to take the stand in the proceedings, and according to the Post, she “at turns cracked jokes, shouted, shrieked, pouted and sobbed in expletive-laden testimony.” “I loved somebody and they want to crucify me!” she shouted at one point. “After loving them for 13 years and making vegetable soup for them!” But it turns out that vegetable soup wasn’t the only thing she was good at making. She also had quite the flair for making threats. Like when Philip wouldn’t pay a $45,000 credit-card bill for her (charges racked up in one month alone), she told him: “I will cut your balls off and have them for breakfast!” Another time, when he wouldn’t bankroll a play she was producing, she told him she would call gossip columnists. “Get the play back on, otherwise you’re going to be front-page news,” she warned. “Your days of being a big shot in the theater circuit are over!”

Both threats were on voice mails played in the courtroom. Tricia said the “balls for breakfast” line didn’t “sound like” her, and that she may have been “channeling something.” Ooh! Let’s guess who she was channeling! Alec Baldwin? Hillary Clinton? Oh, no, we’ve got it: Paris Hilton!


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Tricia Walsh-Smith: ‘I Will Cut Off Your Balls and Have Them for Breakfast’