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Unsurprising Development of the Day No. 2 — Patricia Duff Blames Ex Ron Perelman for Daughter’s Complaints

Patricia Duff

A mother scorned. Man, she’s pretty.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Apparently it took Patricia Duff, ex-wife of Revlon chairman Ron Perelman, an entire day to come to the conclusion that he must have been behind the decision by their 13-year-old daughter, Caleigh, to file a legal order of protection against her mother. After everything they’d been through, we would have thought she would make that assumption within 30 seconds. But it took until today for her suspicions, revealed in the form of an Andrea Peyser column, to come to light. “I was stunned!” Duff told Peyser. “Anyone with a passing understanding of our relationship knows it’s a beautiful, beautiful relationship.” She went on to raise incredibly callous allegations against Perelman’s parenting skills:

He [Perelman] indulged her a lot. I picked up on the pattern. Taking her to have her hair styled, colored or cut … He was having a lot of girls [friends of Caleigh’s] sleeping over on Friday. Boys coming over for a screening [to watch a movie] or pool. Two or three girls coming over on a Saturday night for a slumber party.”

Wait a minute — are you telling us that a New York billionaire might … spoil his own daughter? This is worse than we thought! Duff goes on to say that she was in the position of being the “tough” parent. “There was a difference how he was conducting home life and how I was,” she explained. “I was trying to get her a tutor for math for years.”

Trying, but … not succeeding? With $12,000 a month in child support you couldn’t find some Dalton student to come over for a couple of hours a week?

We’re sure Patricia Duff is not wrong — it must be impossible to deal with a 13-year-old with her own lawyer and a vengeful ex-husband with billions of dollars at his disposal. According to her, restricting Caleigh’s Internet time one day resulted in a call to lawyers. Oy. But if Duff is trying to prove she’s mother of the year, talking to Andrea Peyser about her young daughter’s personal life is just not the way to do it.


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Unsurprising Development of the Day No. 2 — Patricia Duff Blames Ex Ron Perelman for Daughter’s Complaints