They Have a Problem With the White Lines in East Hampton

Photo: iStockphoto

Simon Doonan, Martha Stewart, Arnold Scaasi, and nearly 400 other designer types showed up at Elie Tahari’s shack to raise money for God’s Love We Deliver. Stewart also recently had a quick dim sum meal at the bar at Wei Fun in East Hampton with her assistant. In a shock to Westhampton, the Polish caretaker of a 1910 estate was found dead in his garage, apparently of suicide, while his wife was found unconscious and badly burned inside their charred cottage. Dan Rattiner thinks that Katie Lee Joel (Billy’s wife) is “adorible [sic]” … and this pert eco-cooking video of hers proves it. East Hampton residents are outraged over an uneven white line painted down the middle of a road, calling it “a dangerous line.” (Ha-ha, get it?) We only had time to watch a minute of this video of giggly blonde Guest of a Guest bloggers Claire and Rachelle, who softball-dish on the HampScene. But they sure are blonde and giggly!

Boos, applause and the occasional catcall” shot through the room at a way tense East Hampton Town Board meeting over whether to can the burg’s Natural Resources Department. Paris Hilton shot some of her new MTV show out here, then appeared to drink only antioxidant water at Tenjune back in the city. Word around town is that Joe Meli, the concert promoter who lost an estimated $30 million last summer with shows by Billy Joel and others he staged at the Ross School, wants to present Lionel Richie out here in July and Lenny Kravitz at summer’s end. You can now helicopter from Westchester Airport to the Hamps for between $1,000 and $1,400, depending on where you’re going. Amid a divorce battle, disconcertingly ageless Christie Brinkley — she looks just like she looked in Billy’s 1983 “Uptown Girl” video! — was honored by the American Heart Association.

On- and off-screen couple Penn Badgley and Blake Lively shot Gossip Girl scenes out here (with arm-tattooed co-star Ed Westwick), but not before playing bingo at Tortilla Flats in the Village. And how perfect is it that a new exhibit on the history of sports in the Hamps shows stuff collected by a family named Lillywhite?

They Have a Problem With the White Lines in East Hampton